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My freshman year in college I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. When I wasn’t sitting behind a desk studying, you could find me eating cookies in the dining hall for breakfast lunch and dinner, or out at the club slamming back shots.

I was not athletic; The gym was uncharted territory and I could barely run a half a mile without my asthma kicking in. My sophomore year in college I decided to make a change. I knew I wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist and figured getting in shape would benefit my television career. It’s funny how the tides turned and now fitness is my career!

Anyway, in 2010 I started competing in fitness competitions. I won trophies at the expense of my health. My adrenals crashed causing a host of health issues: hypothyroidism, a crashed metabolism, depression, digestive issues, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, unstable blood sugar, just to name a few. I was gaining weight and didn’t know why. With a career in television, this was a scary thing! Upon searching for answers I began working with a holistic doctor who taught me to heal through nutrition and lifestyle changes. It was working! Luckily, I began to implement the necessary changes before things got too out of control.

lindsey-beforeafterOne of my mottos is: if food exists on earth – eat it up! If it was packaged or processed – say PASS! A paleo approach to nutrition has been shown through numerous case studies and research experiments to be very healing to many health issues – from low energy to unstable blood sugar to hormonal imbalances to digestive issues to poor weight management. As a society, we need to start turning to lifestyle changes and food FIRST to heal our bodies! I’m on a mission to help other people take control of their health through nutrition-just like I did!

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Meteorologist | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coach | Public Speaker

ld-3I’m a weather and workout warrior—a meteorologist on a mission to help others be the best version of themselves possible. My graduate school thesis focused on improving hurricane track forecasting methods. I presented my findings at the annual American Meteorological Society in 2012. My work is electronically published by Florida State University Digital Commons: http://fla.st/2ecjRNw

During my time at Florida State University, I trained for and won trophies at National NPC figure competitions, receiving my national qualification. I was honored to receive the “Most Promising Figure Contestant” Award in the “Maria Bellando” NPC show.

13 I stopped competing for career and health purposes. I worked as a meteorologist and reporter in Tallahassee, FL and Springfield, Missouri prior to working as a meteorologist in Houston, Texas. Most recently, I partnered with CW39 in Houston to produce and host a Monday Motivation fitness segment.

Community involvement is important to me: I served as the spokesperson for my TV station’s “No Text and Drive Campaign.” I currently serve as a volunteer for The Source for women, and lead a “Faith and Fitness” connect group for women through my church.

I’m extremely passionate about helping others get healthy and fit; I feel strongly this is what God has called me to do.  AdvoCare made the transition from broadcast meteorologist to fitness entrepreneur possible. I spend my time working as a nutrition and fitness coach, speaking to groups and businesses about increasing productivity and quality of life through nutrition, coaching clients through 24 day challenges and training and developing leaders through AdvoCare.  Follow me for motivation and fitness tips!

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Florida State University, Tallahassee: Masters, Meteorology (focus on tropical meteorology); Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, Mathematics, and Spanish: 3.99 GPA