Thanks a million to Ms. Lindsey for introducing me to a better quality of life and healthier lifestyle.  She was the missing link of the three-legged stool.  This is amazing; people around me are saying I look 10 years younger, I also feel 20 years younger.  Now, I can live a life at an optimum level and with great confidence and fulfillment.  Many times when I walk, I walk as if I was seven feet tall.  She has said that nutrition is king, exercise is queen, put them together and we got a kingdom.  She has reminded me that our waistline is our lifeline; she is an amazing trainer and leader, which leads by example.

I have lost over 40 lbs. and 15% of body fat in less than 4 months, today I am under 14% body fat total, I went down from 205 lbs. to 165 lbs., my height is 5ft. 9”.  Ladies and gent, the key is in nutrition, what we put inside our body will have the greatest impact on what our body looks like and how the body feels.  If YOU REMEMBER ANYTHING, just remember this, you eat every day, you sleep every day, and our body was created to exercise every day as well.

My personal testimony is a reflection of my experience after using AdvoCare products for wellness and fitness.  These results were achieved by following the guidelines of Lindsey my personal trainer, great coaching and mentor.  I am at my pike physical fitness after many years; I am running more often and running longer distances at an average of 25 plus miles weekly, in addition to cycling over 75 miles weekly as well.  I am getting ready to compete on my first Terrain Racing (mud and

obstacles) and future triathlon and duathlon who know at this rate what I am capable.  Wellness and fitness has allowed me to be more active and to live life to its fullness and die empty.  Now, I feel like I live in an island where people forget to die.  The world bests practice of longevity and well-being is in your own world.  “I want to inspire others to exercise and eat correctly, just like Lindsey and I.”

– Paul Eguia


josh-before-after-picLindsey Day Fitness has completely changed my life, my health/fitness level, my mental focus and my mindset.

Within six months I was able to lose 30 pounds and drop 17 percent body fat. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined myself achieving these results this fast!

Behind every great, successful team player that has gone down in the history books is a great coach/mentor. Lindsey is not only a great coach/mentor—she has a heart made of gold, a diamond mentality to help others succeed and she’s truly a heaven sent human being and friend that came along in my life at the perfect time!

I look forward to the upcoming tasks required to reach the next level of greatness!

Joshua J Carter



Hi my name is Esmeralda.

Health and fitness have always been a part of my life. I sought out Lindsey Day’s help because at the age of 51 I knew I needed to make some adjustments. The biggest part of my journey has been nutrition. I thought I was eating healthy and I really wasn’t.

Lindsey has been there for me. She made up a meal plan that fits my needs as well as an exercise program that has definitely given me phenomenal results.

From that, I have already lost over 10 pounds and I will continue this journey throughout my life. I hope you do the same! I’m feeling terrific and I’m continuing to lose weight. Thank you Lindsey!

– Esmeralda


derick-before-afterI’m Derick and I’m here to talk about my 24 day challenge with Advocare.

The thing I noticed the most about the Advocare products is the way my body absorbed the nutrients and vitamins. I’ve taken supplements before and a few hours later they just passed right through my system.

This time with Advocare, my body absorbed everything very well and reacted to it very well. I was doing it to kickstart my fitness program and my running program, and it actually helped out a lot.

Working out with Lindsey, the fitness aspect has always been there, but with her, from my perspective, it was more of the nutritional side. She makes me document everything I eat. She keeps a chart. We work on a program to fit my nutritional needs for what I’m trying to accomplish that day or that week or that month, and my overall health and wellness… And that’s what I appreciate the most about working with her. She’s prolonging my life and she’s stuck with me for life so I hope she’s ready for that! Thank you!

– Derick